Motion Matching

Project description

Current State: In Progress
Updated: 10-07-2019

Planned Release: 02-12-2019

My personal implementation of Motion Matching within Unreal Engine 4 that will be released this fall. I'll keep updating this page as soon as I complete features. Meanwhile, feel free to keep and eye on the feature list and roadmap below.

If you would like to collaborate on this project, please check out the bottom of the page.

Workflow and Pipeline

The new animation workflow when working with motion matching could look something like the following. You start by recording animations from your actors inside a motion capture studio. Once you have completed recording the animations you want to retarget them to your game character it's skeleton which can be done through Autodesk Motionbuilder or similar software. You add the animations to a (new) motion database and add the database to the motion matching animation node.

Feature Roadmap

Before releasing this project this fall, there are some important features that still need to be implemented to finetune the motion matching. The feature list below showcases these elements and their current state.

Editor Interface

The plugin contains an easy to use, editor interface that allows you to quicly pick your character it's skeleton. The bones that should be used for Motion Matching and it will give you a clear overview of the amount of poses and categories that are generated by the system.

Documentation and Resources

Documentation and tutorial resources will be available upon release. An offline C++ API documentation will also be available, containing information about essential subsystems within the Motion Matching plugin.

Collaboration Requests

If you are interested in collaborating on this project and believe there is something that you can contribute, feel free to send an email through the contact form on my website or directly at

Project details
  • Client : Graduation
  • Category : Game Development, Programming
  • Date Created : February 4, 2019

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