Project description

Marigold is a 3D platformer that revolves around the protagonist NĂ­no who by accident enters the land of the dead and is forced to escape before being locked there forever. Along the way, he meets his dead father who can be used as a whip.

Marigold is a game set in a Mexican day of the dead setting in which the player (Nino) tries to escape hell together with his dead father. The father (Latigo) consists out of a spinal cord and a head which the player can use to move through the level and reach places that he normally wouldn't be able to reach. A few things the player can do is use his father as a grappling hook, attack enemies and swing around objects. We made a verticle slice of one of our area's, it is a city that revolves around the topic of lust. It is a place with cheerful inhabitants (that you can talk with) and plenty of things to collect.

During this project, I learned how to create gameplay mechanics in Unreal Engine 4 with C++. Our audio designer and I worked together to set up an audio implementation pipeline using wwise as middleware.

Project details
  • Client : Los Muertos (Student project)
  • Category : Game Development, Programming
  • Date Created : April 17, 2017
  • Website : Marigold

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