The Kalactik Chronicles

Project description

The Kalactik Chronicles: Darkwalker's Curse is a 40-minute networked co-operative game that revolves around a small group of recruits for the Kalactik Corps that are forced to travel into uncharted space to protect Earth from extinction. The group will travel through dangerous environments, look for clues and eventually confront a dangerous foe.

The players will team up, explore uncharted space, solve clues and face an endless army of pirates. They must work together to keep their space ship in a good condition if they want to unravel Darkwalker's mystery and face a foe that is more dangerous and cunning then they have ever faced before. The project was made for an external client that needed a 1-hour escape room experience in which the players would experience an exciting space adventure.

During my time working on The Kalactik Chronicles I was the only programmer working on the project. When starting the team knew that we wanted a experience where players would have to move between multiple workstations. We knew networking was going to be a part of the project so I had the opportunity to do some research into the subject which greatly helped me at a later stage of the project. Because I was the only programmer on the project, the team knew production time would be an issue, which meant I had to write several core gameplay systems that could easily be used and extended upon by designers and artists through visual scripting.

During my time working on The Kalactik Chronicles I have:
- Written and maintained multiple player characters with different functions and features.
- Written and maintained high-quality game code ensuring that is was clean and easy to use.
- Made sure that the players can easily connect to each other over the network and have a seamless experience.
- Written several mechanics for the game.
- Setup a build automation pipeline using Gitlab CI and Unreal Engine 4.
- Written several utilities to support the team.
- Evaluated the effectiveness of designer workflows and made system improvements accordingly.

Project details
  • Client : Smart Ass Gaming
  • Category : Game Development, Programming
  • Date Created : February 1, 2018

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