The Seminary of Sight

Project description

Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, The Seminary of Sight is a narrative-driven cosmic horror adventure that revolves around a priestess who, in an endeavor to prove her loyalty, embarks on a divine journey and follows her God through the dark depths of space.

During this journey, the player will traverse an otherworldly setting buried deep within the isolated darkness of space, uncover ominous clues and cross chilling environments. You must outlive God's tests of loyalty and make their way through the ever-hostile and long-lost Path of the Stars by utilizing your abilities to observe and adapt. Uphold your faith and escape the terrors placed upon your path to face God's ultimate test.

One of the challenges during this project was working with a team of 17 people. Next, to my programming work, I was responsible for managing a team of programmers, updating work breakdowns and assisted in creating user stories. I've set up a build automation pipeline to ensure that we would get notified when build stability changed. I learned more about programming character movement mechanics, profiling and optimization techniques and working in a bigger team.

During my time working on The Seminary of Sight I have:
- Maintained and updated work breakdowns for the tech department.
- Made sure the tech team always had enough work available.
- Profiling and optimizations on the Seminary of Sight.
- Player traversal mechanics and camera movement.
- Written multiple gameplay systems including an inventory mechanic.
- Set up and documented a build automation pipeline for Unreal Engine 4.

Project details
  • Client : Disillusion
  • Category : Game Development, Programming
  • Date Created : September 4, 2018

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